Bo's Southwest Territories, Inc.

     Each jewelry piece is an original, handcrafted work of art.  If you order a piece off the website that has already been sold, we will make another one as close as possible depending on the stone you choose.  You can also design your own!
    Though we've been in business for 20 years, this is our first website.  We have earned notoriety the South, concentrating on Indian art shows, horse and stock shows, and  a showroom at the Dallas International Trade Mart.  
    As much as we like traveling, this is an effective way for our new items to reach our customers quickly...we hope you enjoy our website! 
                            Gale & Saundra Self

Please feel free to contact us for additional information!


For better views of the jewelry please check out our photo gallery at media65hw.onlineview.it
Most of our pieces are "rough cut" which means the design follows the natural shape of the stone.
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